The Brand

Walk this way. In comfort. In style. In Pagodas.

Modern rubber flip flops have become victims of disposable, fast fashion, now seen by most as being a practical, yet unfashionable footwear option lacking in style and individuality – and best confined to the beach. What was needed was a flip-flop which allows your feet to breathe but also provided that chic element required for a more stylish environment with a superior level of comfort.

Enter plush velvet Pagoda flip flops, providing a smart, super comfortable alternative to the rubber flip flops of old. Our small and passionate team in Hong Kong has created a product that brings together the best of a range of lifestyles and cultures.  We believe that casual footwear can be stylish enough to be worn out to any occasion, in any location: al fresco brunching in Hong Kong, chilling on the pool decking in Ibiza, exploring the streets of Manhattan, cruising on a yacht in Monaco or simply relaxing chez-vous.

We are passionate about Pagoda because we are avid global travellers too and we don’t compromise on the quality of our products or the experience we create for our customers. Every journey begins with a single step – let us help you take it in comfort and style. Let your feet breathe, and the rest will follow! Live the Pagodalife.

As an internationally thinking brand, we don’t compromise on quality and we don’t compromise the earth – all of our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.


The Story

Pagoda flip flops are inspired by the soft, velvet slippers of Burma, loved by locals and tourists alike.

The founder of Pagoda is an avid traveller and global explorer, having lived in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.

The Pagoda brand was conceived while he was exploring Bagan market, in the centre of Burma, in late 2015. His Brazilian rubber flip flops suddenly broke and the guide took him to a traditional velvet slipper stall where his first pair of velvet slippers were purchased. He immediately fell in love with these stylish comfortable flip flops worn by the fashionable locals and he immediately started formulating an improved version of the footwear for the global marketplace.

The Pagoda brand soon followed, incorporating the triangle “pagoda” graphic which celebrates the Burmese heritage of the product, a country best known for its breath-taking scenery, Buddhist monks and golden pagodas and temples.

Since that Bagan trip the team at Pagoda has been developing the great product you can buy today, incorporating improved materials and superior functionality, comfort and design.

Pagodas. Inspired by Myanmar. Enjoyed globally.